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One of the huge attractions that PJ’s holds for visitors to the area is that it houses the clothes, belongings and bones of a leprechaun which was found on Slieve Foy by the late PJ O’ Hare in 1989. The items are housed in a glass case in the original bar area and attract hundreds of visitors the whole year round, who have to see them to believe! The discovery of the items in 1989 sparked an annual Leprechaun Hunt by those eager to catch a leprechaun themselves, or at least a glimpse of one! However, due to phenomenal interest by the general public and the declining numbers of Leprechauns in survival, the hunt was ceased in order to campaign to the European Union, to protect the area in which they are to be found. Following a campaign by local people, the area in which the Little People are to be found is now protected under the E.U. Habitats Directive, which protects flora, fauna and wild animals, therefore making it illegal to hunt leprechauns in their known habitat.

The Leprechaun Hunt has now resumed as an annual charity event, where people are invited to hunt for ceramic leprechauns which are hidden adjacent to the Special Protected Area. With due respect to the Little People, the public are asked to refrain from disturbing the area where the leprechauns exist and not to attempt to capture any of The Little People themselves.

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Legend of the Leprechaun

Legend of the Leprechaun

Legend of the Leprechaun

Legend of the Leprechaun


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